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Green Relax Screensaver

If you enjoy a romantic evening by candlelight, then this screensaver is definitely for you
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28 January 2014

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In an age where we celebrate the technical prowess of software applications, screensavers too have become complex. Loaded with all sorts of animations and excessive sound effects; a whole bunch of screensavers today look like animation movies. Now if you are looking to download a very minimalistic screensaver which goes soft on your senses and imbibes aesthetic appeal then we will recommend you to check out the Green Relax Screensaver 1.0. Bereft of bells and whistles this classical style screensaver is designed to sooth your senses by creating a romantic ambience which can enthrall you.

As the Green Relax Screensaver 1.0 starts to play it portrays before you a sublime scenery of luminous candles interspersed with blissfully beautiful white flowers. The candles are glowing in soft tones that captivate your eyes but do not strain them. With a pleasing background score and nuanced effects, the screensaver manages to take you on a romantic sojourn as if you are on date with your beloved on a spring evening. In fact if you are looking to spend a romantic evening at your house, you may consider turning this screensaver on and let’s its essence soak into your mood. Like some of the best things in life, this elegant screensaver is available free of charge and can run on just about any Windows machine. Moreover it maintains its overall attractiveness irrespective of the screen resolution of your PC and acts a classy style statement when you are away from your screen.

Overall we were quite pleased with Green Relax Screensaver 1.0 and its neat graphics and thus mark it with a respectable score of 3 rating stars. If you are looking to sneak out moments from your hectic work schedule to unwind, we suggest you let this screensaver play out on your screens.

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We bring new relax screensaver to your romantic evening. If you enjoy a romantic evening by candlelight, then this screensaver is definitely for you. Run relax screensaver and you is will instantly create an atmosphere of a romantic evening. Download and enjoy absolutely freerelax screensaver!
Green Relax Screensaver
Green Relax Screensaver
Version 1.0
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